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Using proven, evidence-based practices, we can effectively treat and/or manage a variety of acute and chronic conditions.

Buteyko Breathing

Breathing is fundamental to sustain life, but did you know that your breathing patterns can profoundly influence your health?

Public Speaking

Lachlan reflects on his lung cancer journey and shares a powerful message of gratitude and resilience with his audience.

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Can treat a wide range of acute and chronic conditions
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Founded by partners and clinical Naturopaths, Lachlan and Connie in Adelaide.

Lachlan and Connie are passionate about igniting a culture of greater health independence and responsibility. They believe that people thrive when they take ownership and maintain active involvement throughout their life-long health journey.

Connie Pasta

"The health and well-being of those around me is my biggest motivator in life and intertwines with my belief that better health outcomes can be achieved through a deeper connection to ourselves, each other and to nature."

Lachlan Mullen

"I first discovered the benefits of holistic medicine after being diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer and given a two-year prognosis. This led me down an integrated approach of both holistic and orthodox medicine."
Connie on the left and Lachlan on the right

Our mission is to connect with, empower, and enrich the lives of others.

Our natural health clinic in Adelaide is dedicated to educating our clients on the fundamental principals of health and our innate connection to the natural world, known as Biophilia. In doing so, we hope to give our clients a greater self-awareness and an understanding of their mind, body and spirit, as well as the knowledge and skills needed to achieve optimal health and vitality.


Naturopaths have a holistic view of health that acknowledges the role of the mind, body and spirit. Our philosophy is that the human body has an innate ability to correct imbalances when it is provided the right conditions.

Buteyko Breathing

Just as the correct diet and lifestyle choices are foundational to good health, so too are our breathing habits. Certified Buteyko Method Instructors, Connie and Lachie believe that this is one aspect of health that is often overlooked. 


Lachlan speaks of the challenges he experienced on his lung cancer journey and how he overcame them. With an uncertain future, the way in which he conducted himself is an inspirational tale of the power of the mind.

Our Testimonials

“I have been seeing Lachie for a few months now and with the new diet and herbs, I have already noticed significant improvements in the way I feel overall. Highly recommend for anyone who is needing help in a specific area or overall well being.”

Star Ratings

Andrew F

South Australia, Adelaide

“Lachlan and Connie are really helpful for all your health needs. They spend the time and work out the best options for you. Connie is particularly great with women's health issues.”

Star Ratings

Vanessa B

South Australia, Adelaide

“Lachlan has helped me overcome some very challenging times and I thank him! I would highly recommend Lachlan and Biophilia to anyone looking for a naturopath to get their health back on track!”

Star Ratings

Richard N

South Australia, Adelaide