Detoxification & Skin Health

Liver, kidney, lymphatic and skin support including eczema, psoriasis, hives, rosacea and acne

Today, toxins are everywhere – in the environment, our food and our homes. The list of toxins is extensive, such as the plethora of man-made chemicals used in personal care products, homewares and furnishings, to the toxic by-products released every day by agriculture, transport, mining, and other big industries.

Unfortunately, a lot of toxins do not break down and persist in our environment for decades to come, finding their way into our food and bodies (Gasnier et al 2009). The amount of toxins in our body at any given time is called our toxic load. When toxins accumulate in our body quicker than our ability to eliminate them, a high toxic load is likely. This burden to our detoxification system can disrupt normal physiological function, and thus wreak havoc on our health.

Depending on the type, toxins can interfere with signalling pathways in the body, imitate and alter hormones, compete with essential nutrients for absorption and can even cause immature cell death (Xavier, Rekha, & Bairy, 2004). This can manifest as various symptoms of ill health, from brain fog to muscle weakness, and even contribute to some diseases.
At Biophilia Health, we can assess your toxic load using the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. Once we have established if any heavy metals are present, we can help you to detoxify from them using herbal and nutritional medicine.

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