Our immune system is our bodies defense network, it is a complex system made up of cells organs and proteins. The function of our immune system can be considered when reflecting on how well we recover from illness and disease. Our immune systems ability to protect us ranges from keeping away daily microbial pathogens, defending the body from foreign objects like splinters and even fighting off cancer cells.

Signs that our immune system may not be functioning optimally include, but are not limited to:
A balanced, well-functioning immune system is essential for good health, wellbeing and vitality as it protects us from the pathogens and complications our body faces daily. Naturopathic medicine understands that our bodies are self-regulating organisms and as practitioners we are here to facilitate, support and enhance the functioning of your immune system. We recognise and consider causative factors for immune dysregulation and aim to support our clients through addressing these causative factors.
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